Mozart Finance

Liquidity lock & Security

Investor safety and project longevity is the key here and we want to ensure that everyone coming in to invest will be secure and safe while doing so.
Liquidity Locks
Locking the Liquidity Pool of the MELODY token ensures that the liquidity cannot be “pulled”, and therefore, scam investors. Additionally, locking MELODY gives investors confidence that the Mozart team will not sell tokens onto the market.
95% of the presale funds are locked on Dxsale locker, this happened automatically after the presale was finalized. You can check locked funds here — it’s locked for 1 year to actually show you that we mean serious. Investor Transparency and Security.
Investors demand fast and reliable information to make decisions on which coins to purchase. Mozart will be using a system from Dxsale for presale. Melody smart contracts are checked through telegram community and bug hunt was live to inspect about eventual problems. Community has voted for audit by Hacken via official telegram poll.
MELODY Time Lock & Rewards
Team doesn't have any Melody tokens. All rewards are going to Masterchef smart contract (farms). Melody contract owner: 0x254C3233C162CDe86f1b7a91Ac801B780f79d40D (masterchef)
Masterchef contract owner: 0xbd2a0bb757c7c6ea50f9e7eedb4b4350dec929e5 (TIMELOCK contract)